Derma Organic Exfoliate Cream - Alpha Hydroxy Peel 10% (AHA)

Derma Organic Exfoliate Cream - Alpha Hydroxy Peel 10% (AHA)

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For generations people have been looking for a way to have a smoother, younger looking skin. In the days of Cleopatra women would bathe in sour milk; ladies of the French Court used old wine on their faces to keep their skin smooth and free of blemishes. We now know there was a method to what seemed to be their madness. Research has shown that these and other naturally occurring products contain substances known as 'Alpha Hydroxy Acids' (AHA).

Derma AHA Cream is 100% organic. A brilliant moisturiser mwithout the added puffers, waxes and perfumes that cause us problems. A small amount applied day and night will gradually disolve layer by layer of wrinkled , sun damaged or acne scarred skin. As a result, your skin will spped up what it does naturally — manufacture new cells to replace old or damaged ones. These new skin cells look and feel younger and are more firm and supple. fine lines are softened. Visibly the skin has a more luminous shine. This is a progressive cream and so on sensitive skin a tolerance level will be achieved by alternating the Derma AHA 10% with the milder Retinol Plus Cream on alternate days. Common sense will indicate the desired result will not happen overnight. Give the cream time, and the cream will give you the complexion you have always dreamed of. A 50g jar is 3 months supply.

Because the skin around the eye area is relatively thin and fragile, it is recommended that you do not apply cream or lotion too close to your eyes. AHA is generally well tolerated by all skin types, and you may feel a mild tingling sensation that lasts for a minute or two after application. Just apply sparingly and lightly.

Size: 50g

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