Derma Organic Exfoliate Cream – Alpha Hydroxy Peel 10% (AHA)



For the treatment of pigmentation marks, acne scarring, razor bumps, mosquito bites and dark areas resulting from the use of Hydroquinone.

When the spots and pimples have cleared — or maybe you have used the very damaging Hydroquinone creams and are now suffering from distressing dark patches and pigmented areas — you will want to return to an even toned complexion. you need Derma AHA cream, also good for reducing acne and chicken pox scarring. This is a 100% organic peeling cream which gradually dissolves layer by layer of the damaged skin.

A small amount of the cream should be applied morning and night. The skin will exfoliate to a greater or lesser extent according to its texture. A very greasy skin will not exfoliate as much as a dry one. you may notice a mild ‘sandpaper’ effect as the top layer of skin loosens and sheds with possible a slight redness or ‘sunburn’ sensation — a little discomfort well worth the final result. These are normal reactions, fully in keeping with an organic peel. In the case of very sensitive skin, common sense will dictate to use the cream less frequently, perhaps every other night. Remember, if you have had the problems for a long time, you will need a reasonable length of time to achieve the desired result.

Size: 50g

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White Skin, Black Skin


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