I first visited Jenny with an outbreak of eczema under my eyes. The first treatment got rid of it immediately and regular treatments and use of her products have prevented its return and kept my skin in good shape. It’s also really lovely spending a couple of hours with Jenny. I always leave feeling happy and refreshed. Highly recommended.


I went to Jenny after a client of mine( I’m a nutritionist and pharmacist) recommended her. I’ve been to many so called specialists, using lasers and various creams for my melasma. What Jenny has done in one treatment is simply astonishing. My skin has never looked or felt better. I am delighted with just ONE facial so I feel the improvements have just started! Simply delighted !!

Rita A
As she was putting the final coat on my nails a lady called Pearl said “Go and see Jenny at Dynasty.” That was 15 years ago. Today my skin is transformed from what was a mass of open pores as well as the tell-tale signs of long-distance commuting on top of a ridiculously long day. Before Jenny took me in hand I fell for the latest skin fixes on the beauty pages and paid dearly in more ways than one. Jenny’s examination of skin is forensic and everything is bespoke. It really is all about you and you work together. I never miss an appointment and in the last 15 years I have only ever used Dynasty products on my skin – hence its transformation.
Julia W
I have been seeing Jenny for years now. My skin really responds to her facials and her products (especially Pink Heaven and Soft Rain cleanser). Due to a job move, I didn’t see her for about 3 years; when I came back, it was like my skin recognised her – and woke up again! She is also delightful, so I really enjoy my regular facials!
Kristina Solem Wood
I came to Jenny with a face absolutely wrecked by acne, and she completely saved my skin and happiness. Her sessions can be a bit brutal, but completely effective and 100% worth it. I followed her skin care regimen of cleanser plus retinol and antibiotics and my skin improved incredibly radically. Before her I went to 4 different dermatologists, and none of them were able to do anything close to what Jenny did for me. I do not know what I would have done if it wasn’t for her magic touch and care. Jenny cares about each of her clients and it truly shows. If you have troubles with your skin, DO NOT despair, Jenny will come and make everything beautiful again!! Thank you Jenny!!!
The BEST facial I have ever had. Jenny knows what she is doing that is for sure. I feel so lucky to have found her and won’t be going anywhere else!
Ali Jane
Yesterday, I visited Jenny at Dynasty Clinic for the first time. I’d waited for three months for my appointment and it was worth it. It started with a visual skin assessment, questions about current beauty routine and tests to determine skin type. I then had a thorough cleanse, pores were unblocked, and then it was onto my first microdermabrasion treatment. This was finished off with the application of a hardening treatment mask. A further cleanse completed my treatment. By the time she finished my skin felt glorious – clearer, lighter and brighter, as though it had been spring cleaned. She even shaped my eyebrows so that I was ‘totally beauty ready’ for the outside. Once the treatment was over, she suggested some products to continue my routine at home. I’m in my fifties and left with a smile on my face and a handful of new beauty tips to boot! Jenny and her assistant were very welcoming and operate in a calm and serene environment. I heard her on BBC radio, I’ve had my first treatment and now I’m going to read about how it all began… I thank you again Jenny, and look forward to my next appointment, best wishes, Elayne x
Elaine Carby
I have been using Jennys products for 6 years now and SWEAR they have taken years off my face !! I can’t recommend them ENOUGH.

Jenny takes such good care of my skin, after every facial I leave with my skin looking the best it can. It just glows and looks so healthy.

I have also recently developed eczema around my eyes and the ONLY thing that clears it is Jenny’s eye cream. I buy it by the bucket load to take everywhere with me in case of a redness attack. I work in the beauty industry and I have tried many facialists but nobody beats Jenny & her handmade products are the best. xx


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