Fed up with having to apply eye and lip liner?

Want your sparse eyebrows filled?

Try ‘permanent’ make-up — the results can last for more than six months! But always have it applied by a qualified beauty therapist such as Jenny Harding who has worked her magic with Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue.

Woman Magazine – August 2008


Beauty therapist Jenny Harding, a skincare expert who works with Girls Aloud and Kylie, reveals her top three facial care tips.

  • Always wash and rinse twice, using a clean towelling flannel, day and night.
  • Never go to bed without washing off all traces of grime and make-up.
  • Always treat your face like you would a baby’s skin — don’t be harsh.

Our skin does so much for us but we tend to treat our shoes with more respect.

Woman Magazine – April 2008


How Kylie achieves that perfect shape with ease

Semi-permanent make-up for brows is hugely popular at The Dynasty Clinic. It’s used for a variety of reasons from hair loss caused by chemo to a make-up replacement in allergy sufferers — and anyone who needs more time.

1. Why have it?

Kylie’s chemo caused her hair loss, but brows can be sparse from tweezing, shaving or alopecia — and if you have very fair hair, brows can look undefined. Semi-permanent enhanced eyebrows are a great option because, as your brows are the frame for your eyes and face, when shaped and defined they can lift your eyes to give a more youthful look. Your cheekbones will appear more prominent, influencing how your nose appears.

2. Match your skin

Semi-permanent make-up is placed into the dermal layer of the skin. The pigment is made of natural iron oxide and is hypo-allergenic. There are no fragrances, emollients or other ingredients added. Beginning with a variety of basic pigment shades, virtually any colour can be mixed to compliment your natural skin tones. The Dynasty Clinic will work with you, discussing your preferences and helping you to perfect your look.

3. Will it last?

This varies with each person. The average is two years, but a yearly top-up is recommended. Topical anaesthetics ensure minimal discomfort, with the strictest sterilisation procedures.

4. Healing

Two days after a procedure, a barely visible light crust will form but this will be completely gone within a few days. During this time the pigment area will look a little darker than usual.

Woman Magazine


Beauty therapist Jenny Harding, who has worked with Kylie Minogue and Girls Aloud, says it’s entirely possible to prolong a youthful look naturally.

“If you look after your skin you can ward off the signs of ageing for a lot longer,” she says. “You need to start looking after your skin properly from as soon as you become aware of your looks, so that’s usually in your teenage years.”

“You need to get enough sleep, eat a proper diet and take care of your skin by doing what it does naturally, gently removing the dead layers of cells.”…

Daily Mirror – February 2008


Putting a London clinic’s intensive acne treatment to the test

Acne is a hideous condition. Vindictive and spiteful, it leaves sufferers of all ages feeling utterly miserable. At its worst, it can infiltrate every aspect of your life, stopping you from going out of the house, causing severe depression.

For people with bad skin, the prospect of a cure, however remote, is the Holy Grail. In the 11 years I have suffered from acne, I have tried everything around: antibiotics, both topical and oral, the contraceptive pill (worked a charm, but I didn’t want to be on it indefinitely), regular facials, diet remedies and herbalists, but nothing seemed to help.

So it was with mixed emotions that I headed to Dynasty Clinic in London, to see Jenny Harding. Jenny used to be a nurse and has suffered from acne herself. She has had her salon for nearly ten years now, and comes highly recommended by a number of fellow acne sufferers.

Jenny explained that we needed a “two pronged” attack. Tackle the cause from the inside with Minocin, an antibiotic that disables the acne-causing bacteria (obviously subject to a prescription from my GP). Then for the outside I would need regular facials every 10-14 days at £60 a go, until we got it under control.

Jenny’s facials are not for the faint of heart: this is a treatment, not a treat. You will be prodded and poked and your pores pinched, squeezed and scraped for hours, and it’s painful. Jenny empties your pores of the grime that blocks them, causing a build-up of sebum under the surface that, if not released, can become infected, causing a pimple. I left her salon after my first facial glowing for all the wrong reasons. Every spot I ever had was red, aggravated and sore. I got on the tube wearing enormous Richie-style sunglasses, with my hair down, in an attempt to hide as much of my face as possible. When I woke the next morning though, the spots were starting to heal and my faith had been slightly restored. And so I continued to follow Jenny’s instructions to the letter.

I have to use the products that Jenny has developed herself, and are made for her by doctors in Canada — she is adamant that there should be no other product in my skin’s diet. I need top wash my face twice, twice a day, using Dermagel (£11.40) and cotton flannel towels fresh from the laundry, morning and night, followed by Herb-A-Clear All Purpose Cream (£15) in the morning, and Pink Heaven (£30), mixed to a strength suitable for me, in the evening. Jenny also gave me a pot of Miracle Healer (£15) that I have to apply to any spots before going to bed. All the ingredients Jenny uses are organic, and mimic other synthetic products, but without chemicals.

Over the past two months. I have visited Jenny, every two weeks as prescribed, for her facials and managed to score some Minocin from my doctor. I saw a marked improvement after just a couple of weeks. I’m a sceptic and a pessimist when it comes to cures for acne, and only time will tell if this is just a short term remedy, but my skin is now clearer than it has been in years. I fact, I am positively excited about leaving the house without make-up on.

The Saturday Times


Q. I love the big brow look but as I’ve got older, my eyebrows have stopped growing. How can I get this look? Louise Taylor, Nottingham

A. According to leading semi-permanent make-up expert, Jenny Harding, you can beef up sparse and scrawny brows without making them look fake. She says: “The trick is to use a mix of colours natural to the client’s own skin and hair tones so brows take on a three-dimensional look. Then blend in any sparse patches for a natural, long-lasting result. Prices start from £325.


If you fancy Botox but are still a little scared by the idea, you might be tempted by a hot new arrival on the scene — ‘Baby Botox’. It uses a more diluted version of the popular line-freezer solution in less hits and works by weakening the muscles rather than relaxing them totally to give a more believable effect. It’s especially effective for the first signs of ageing, such as lines around the eyes and mouth.

News of the World Sunday Magazine, November 2007


The quality of semi-permanent make-up has come a long way. Technicians are now creating the impression of hair with their technique and can use an assortment of shades to create the most natural finish. Dynasty Clinic (Eyebrows from £325) takes away the chore of having to apply, remove and reapply every day. A semi-permanent pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin; this generally lasts for two years.

Pride Magazine – October 2007


Beauty Expert and newlywed Suzanne Duckett reveals six easy ways to look absolutely gorgeous, from the aisle to the beach…


Most facials give your skin a glowing boost for a matter of hours, or days at best. Jenny Harding’s facial, in comparison, leaves your skin glowing for weeks. More than facials, Jenny’s skin treatments at Dynasty Clinic in London are about results rather than simply pampering. Jenny is a former nurse and her treatments are customised to your skin type. Her no-nonsense, professional products are blended by doctors worldwide to her various ‘prescriptions’, then customised to suit your skin. She can unclog pores like no one else on the planet, immediately removing any grey sallow skin tone they create. Jenny can also whip up the most effective skin-clearing enzyme face masks that’ll give you a clearer, blooming complexion.

Brides Magazine – March/April 2005


Where are the hidden salons that offer the best treatments? Suzanne Duckett Tracks down some of the finest facialists around…

We all know about the Eve Loms and the Jo Malones, the gifted facialists whose reputations extend beyond their golden touch. But what of the less familiar therapists, hidden away in their bijou beauty salons? We’ve tracked down five of the best: people who really know how to caress and cajole your skin into gleaming form.


“You’re not here to be pampered, you’re here to get results” is the former nurse Jenny Harding’s motto. Her froufrou-free service, which attracts Kylie Minogue, among others, is housed in a tiny salon rather like a casualty department for skin care emergencies, with A&E-style cubicles complete with pink-and-white curtains, she even wears a white, nurse-cum-beauty therapist’s uniform. Her thorough skin treatments use no-nonsense professional products blended by doctors worldwide to Harding’s various “prescriptions”, then customised to suit your skin at the time of each visit. Treatments take about two hours and involve merciless extraction and skin-clearing face masks that set like papier-mâché. Although you may leave looking pink and blotchy, you will wake up next day with a clearer, tighter-pored, blooming complexion.”

The Sunday Times Style Magazine – April 2004


Irene Shelly checks out beauty treatments in her quest for a smoother complexion…

Most of the time my face is au naturel. To get away with this I need a flawless complexion, so to give nature a helping hand, I decided to try a few facials. For the purpose of this investigation, I visited a selection of beauty clinics that target black skins.

Clinic: Dynasty Beauty Clinic, Business Suite 119-120, 4th Floor, 65 London Wall, London EC2

Owner: Jenny Harding

Location: Heart of the City

Products Used: Danné Skin Care line, The Derma Range (Jenny’s own products)

Treatment: Facials are tailor-made to suit the client. ‘My skin treatments won’t feel great, but I’ll promise you a new skin,’ says Jenny Harding of Dynasty Beauty Clinic. Jenny’s beauty philosophy is to keep dead skin off the face by the process of constant cell rejuvenation. She tuts at my haphazard skin care regime and says, as most products are applied over dead skin, it’s a little wonder our complexions are so dull!

Dynasty uses the Derma Range of skin care products. These are formulated by Jenny and are suitable for black skins: for treating razor bumps, dark marks and hydroquinone damage. Jenny shows be before photographs of women with the tell-tale elephant skin of hydroquinone damage. Mercifully there is bags of improvement in the after shots as well. Before the facial, Jenny checks my skin for lumps and bumps under a magnifier and extracts any blockages she can see. I’m glad I don’t have many, as their removal is uncomfortable.

Every part of the Danné facial is formulated to remove toxins. In my case, a Phenol Quick Peel mask is applied to bring blood to the surface and pull out the toxins. The mask stings like crazy when first applied, but cools off. My skin is then soothed and re hydrated with a unique formula made by Jenny and covered with cling film and hot towels to keep in the heat. Next an enzyme mask, which feels fluffy on application, but which sets as tight as a vice, is used to remove toxins and tighten the skin.

When I get back to the office everyone remarks on my glowing complexion. Toward the end of the day, my skin starts to feel dry, but a peek in the mirror confirms it looks squeaky clean and shiny. The next day my skin feels really clean, but when I slap on my regular moisturiser I suffer pangs of guilt. Maybe the skin care message is finally sinking in.

Verdict: The treatment brightens the complexion and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean.”

Black Beauty – June/July 2002


Reckon acne only torments teenagers?
Well, so did NW’s Art Editor Emma Homan, 28, until it ruined her life...

When I first saw it – this tiny pimple on my right cheek – I thought it was an insect bite. I was on holiday in Spain after all. But a couple of days later there was a huge, red painful lump marching down my cheek towards my jaw line. The swelling and redness increased and my face was so painful, it felt like I was being attacked with needles.

When I returned I saw a doctor who said it was an infection and prescribed me a course of antibiotics. When they didn’t work I went to see a food allergist and spent £150 on a test. The results showed I had a vitamin deficiency and a dairy intolerance, so I cut milk and cheese out of my diet and took vitamins and herbal supplements. Six weeks later I’d lost a stone in weight (not such a bad thing) but the lump was still there and getting more angry and painful by the day.

Everything came to a head at the annual New Woman Beauty Awards. All my colleagues got glammed up, but I didn’t feel at all glamorous. My face was red and angry and I sat at a table full of people from a cosmetics company and all I could think was: ‘I’m probably the ugliest person they’ve ever seen.’ I sat in my seat feeling miserable, wondering if anyone would notice if I went home early.

At the end of the evening, I found myself pouring my heart out to a colleague. She told me about a skin therapist, Jenny Harding. ‘She’s really good,’ she said: ‘You should give her a call.’ The next morning I did just that. I told her about my skin and she said: ‘No problem. I’m sure I can deal with it.’ just hearing these words made me want to thrust my hands down the receiver and give her a big hug. I booked an appointment for a weeks time and counted down the days.

acne 2When I turned up at her office, she took one look at my face and said: ‘Ooh yes, you’ve got a lovely bit of acne there.’ ‘Acne?’ I gasped. ‘But I’ve always had such clear skin. Why should I get acne now?’ ‘A lot of people do,’ she said. ‘Have there been any big changes in your life recently?’ I thought about it. I’d got a new job in July, moved to a new flat in August, and in September my mum, dad and brother had all finalised their trips. Then it dawned on me. Changes? Hardly anything had stayed the same. Jenny explained how stress often increases the level of male hormones inside our bodies, which in turn increase the production of oil in the skin.

Zapping those zits

With all these thoughts whirring round my head, she laid me down, put my hair in a shower cap and so began what became three of the most painful hours of my life. ‘We have to get all the nasty bacteria out of your skin.’ she explained. So she scraped, extracted and pierced, while I lay there with my eyes watering and my hands curled into tight balls, praying for it all to be over.

And eventually it was. Before ushering me out, she stressed the importance of a two-pronged attack. ‘I can do the outside.’ she said. ‘But you need help from the inside too.’ So the next day I went to my GP and started taking Minocin (an anti-acne antibiotic) and Dianette (a contraceptive that reduces the levels of male hormone). I kept going to see Jenny once a fortnight, and within three months my skin had improved. As the spots receded my confidence came back. I began to go out without feeling everyone was staring at me and smiling. It’s been nearly sis months since my acne was first diagnosed and it has virtually gone. I’ve stopped taking the Minocin, but I’m on the Dianette for the next six months and I’m still going to Jenny once a month. As for my life, it’s turned around completely. I no longer feel scared to speak up in meetings or complain in restaurants and the only time I look at my shoes is to admire them!”

New Woman – February 2002


Don’t squeeze spots. You risk rupturing the canal wall and causing a scar. And the infection will be impacted further down the canal to reappear later. But if you can’t resist, warm the skin first with a hot flannel, place a finger on each side of the spot and stretch the skin to force out infection.

Jenny Harding, skin therapist.

Cosmopolitan – September 2000


Just imagine… You wake up late for work, perhaps pushed for time for an important appointment or, arriving home with a very attractive romantic evening date in the diary and no time to do your make-up but you have to look your sparkling very best. No problem!

Just imagine… having those ‘Film Star’ looks melt away as you lie under the relaxing holiday sun… AND not emerging faceless and definitely less than appealing as you climb out of the swimming pool. And what about smudgy make up as you run through the rain wanting to look great? Problems.  Forget it.

Because at ‘Dynasty’ Clinic (close by Liverpool Street Station) you can receive semi-permanent make up by one of the Country’s top therapists, Jenny Harding.

Using the brand new, most effective and safe technique of semi-permanent make-up recently arrived from America, Jenny Harding can literally guarantee the looks you long for, twenty-four hours a day, in just one visit to her immaculate, professional and friendly clinic in the City of London.

Jenny Harding’s knowledge and expertise in treatment of problem skins and anti-ageing methods have earned her a reputation nationwide.Her own range of products have literally enhanced the lives of both women and men who suffer with scarred, problem, ageing or wrinkled skin, using her highly specialised products and intensive treatments.

She is delighted now to bring you the semi-permanent make-up procedures that can bring you a relaxed approach to your daily beautifying ritual. A new lease of confidence twenty-four hours a day, PLUS the knowledge that Jenny can at any time subtly change the colour or highlighting that she has produced initially.

Total sterile conditions and equipment are in force and Jenny Harding will produce exactly the colouring you wish. The finest, soft permanent natural line against your eyelashes can add depth and enhance the eyes and thickness of the lashes.

Lips will look luscious (no lipstick bleeding or smudging) and definitely create lip appeal in just the colour you wish. And beautifully-shaped natural and tinted eyebrows can remain as long as you love them with this very latest method. Jenny Hardinig is an expert on top to toe skin treatments and therapies. She is confident that her new semi-permanent make-up techniques from America will bring joy to so many people who want to look good ALL the time.

Extract from an article in the Guardian – c 1997

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