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Kristina Solem Wood
13-06-2017, 20:16
I have been seeing Jenny for years now. My skin really responds to her facials and her products (especially Pink Heaven and Soft Rain cleanser). Due to a job move, I didn't see her for about 3 years; when I came back, it was like my skin recognised her - and woke up again! She is also delightful, so I really enjoy my regular facials!
23-05-2017, 17:49
I came to Jenny with a face absolutely wrecked by acne, and she completely saved my skin and happiness. Her sessions can be a bit brutal, but completely effective and 100% worth it. I followed her skin care regimen of cleanser plus retinol and antibiotics and my skin improved incredibly radically. Before her I went to 4 different dermatologists, and none of them were able to do anything close to what Jenny did for me. I do not know what I would have done if it wasn't for her magic touch and care. Jenny cares about each of her clients and it truly shows. If you have troubles with your skin, DO NOT despair, Jenny will come and make everything beautiful again!! Thank you Jenny!!!
Ali Jane
23-05-2017, 01:02
The BEST facial I have ever had. Jenny knows what she is doing that is for sure. I feel so lucky to have found her and won't be going anywhere else!
Julia W
04-05-2017, 12:13
As she was putting the final coat on my nails a lady called Pearl said "Go and see Jenny at Dynasty." That was 15 years ago. Today my skin is transformed from what was a mass of open pores as well as the tell-tale signs of long-distance commuting on top of a ridiculously long day. Before Jenny took me in hand I fell for the latest skin fixes on the beauty pages and paid dearly in more ways than one. Jenny's examination of skin is forensic and everything is bespoke. It really is all about you and you work together. I never miss an appointment and in the last 15 years I have only ever used Dynasty products on my skin - hence its transformation.
26-04-2017, 12:32
I have been using Jennys products for 6 years now and SWEAR they have taken years off my face !!
I can't recommend them ENOUGH.
21-04-2017, 11:22
Jenny takes such good care of my skin, after every facial I leave with my skin looking the best it can. It just glows and looks so healthy.

I have also recently developed eczema around my eyes and the ONLY thing that clears it is Jenny's eye cream. I buy it by the bucket load to take everywhere with me in case of a redness attack. I work in the beauty industry and I have tried many facialists but nobody beats Jenny & her handmade products are the best. xx
Maria Malone
11-04-2017, 11:51
I have sensitive, rosacea-prone skin and had tried everything over a period of years. Nothing worked. By the time Jenny was recommended to me my skin was awful. Jenny has absolutely transformed it - huge improvement after the very first treatment. She has knowledge, expertise, compassion, and her products are second to none. I call Pink Heaven 'magic cream.' Don't know where I'd be without Jenny and her healing hands. I recommend her to anyone who wants their skin to be the best it can be.
10-04-2017, 14:37
My skin has taken on a firmness and a glow since I started having Jenny's treatmemnts and using her products. Soft Rain cleanser and Pink Heaven moisturiser are my core essentials - absolutely brilliant.
The key to Jenny's success is dedication and passion for improving existing products or inventing a new magical cream or lotion.
Her facial treatments are special as Jenny understands how her own products are effective on different types of skin.
Everyone should know about Dynasty Clinic.
paula B
09-04-2017, 13:16
Jenny has been taking care of my skin for about 18 years She creates her own wonderful products and hers are the only ones I use. I’m now in my 70’s but am always taken for 10-15 years younger than my true age and I have my regular visits to Jenny to thank for that. I also have to thank her for giving me back my eyebrows with her very skilled and subtle, semi-permanent make-up.
Jenny is passionate about her work and it shows in the results she achieves. One of her products even cleared up my grandson’s eczema.
I think she’s a genius at what she does and long may she continue. I need her!
Liz McClarnon
09-04-2017, 09:48
I suffered for over two years with painful eczema on my face. I tried everything to clear it and spent a lot of money doing so. Then someone suggested Jenny Harding. After an hour long facial I had no pain and a day later after using her Soft Rain cleanser and Pink Heaven moisturiser my eczema was GONE! I only wish now that I had pictures to show how bad it was, to show the difference. I have recommended Jenny to many, many people who have been blown away with what she can do for skin and her reasonable prices. Everyone needs to know what she can do.
Jenny Turner
08-04-2017, 20:05
I have been using Jenny's products for a while now for a number of different problems and I love them.! Jenny was able to use her experience to educate me on my skin type and better methods to follow.

Using Jenny's expert advice and wonderful products I've noticed a dramatic difference in my skin, I couldn't be happier ! No longer am I paranoid about the way I look without makeup.
Fiona Campbell
08-04-2017, 19:40
Since using Soft Rain and Pink Heaven my skin (and life) have changed. As a life long sufferer of eczema ,I struggled to keep the condition under control and tried everything to no avail. Until I went to see Jenny at Dynasty clinic. Now my skin is totally clear as I stick religiously to the twice daily regime of Soft Rain Cleanser followed by Pink Heaven moisturiser. I first came to Jenny over six years ago and can't thank her and Louise enough for what their kindness and unrivalled expertise. Now I only use these Dynasty products on my skin and have had NO trouble with eczema on my face ever since. In fact my skin has never been better. I couldn't recommend Dynasty clinic and these products highly enough.
08-04-2017, 18:57
Jenny made up some cream for my husband who had extremely bad scaly and dry skin of his legs and feet. After a few applications the results were remarkable. Very happy customer
Azeez Odekanmi
07-04-2017, 18:20
I have always been troubled with bad skin, being well into my 20's something needed to change. Having black skin I wanted a dermatologist who understood and had experience. Jenny has been all those things, her treatments and products, have become must haves!

I have seen a major transformation in my skin, and I have been able to maintain this over the years (with Jenny's help).

Her professional manner and lovely personality, makes it a pleasure to visit.

Many friends and family have commented on my improved skin. My younger sister is now a customer of Jenny's too- I can't recommend her enough.
28-09-2016, 18:00
Well what can I say a truly great experience from the moment I walked into the clinic until I left. Jenny was so warm & welcoming & very very knowledgable with the issue I had, trusted her completely with the treatment & felt comfortable all throughout. Thank you for such a great treatment & I can see why this clinic is so busy with bookings, top class
Angie L
03-07-2013, 12:14
Jenny's work is like no other around I highly recommend her. Jenny makes you feel and look amazing no matter what treatment she uses it's the best. I always count my blessings meeting Jenny....
K Gill
24-06-2013, 09:09
Thank you so much for the work you have done on my skin over the last year, it is looking totally amazing. People are always committing on how good my skin looks.
I had been to so many different places, even my GP with my skin complaints with no great result. Expensive products that really did not cater for my skin issues, so again thank you so much.
Your clinic offers a fantastic welcoming to all that come and visit, professional and warm and friendly. In this day and age good service is often difficult to find, and I feel it is important that it be recognized. Your personalized customer service and hospitality were really appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to go the extra mile for me. You’re Patience and Kindness has not gone un noticed. Thank you for making this experiences a good one and giving me great looking skin.
N Amoa, Walthamstow
19-06-2013, 14:34
Before I came to the Dynasty Clinic I had tried numerous products to correct my uneven skin tone and uneven texture. As soon as I had my first consultation I felt positive that my skin would be improved. I was advised to use retinol plus, derma clear gel, and Kojic cream. The derma clear gel is lovely and light leaving my skin feeling super clean and not dried out. The retinol plus is amazing and the improvement in the texture and tone of my skin is amazing. The Kojic cream is the first lightening cream that I’ve used that isn’t harsh or drying, gently breaking down the dark parts on my face. I’ve also used the enzyme 3 which is one of my favourite products ever and makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of my skin. The products are worth every penny along with the treatments and you will truly see results. I am a very happy customer and always look forward to coming in, and am really thankful I’ve found something that has worked.
Donna T, Romford
19-06-2013, 14:32
I have spent 39 years and a considerable amount of money to find products to treat my skin condition. Dynasty’s products are the only products that have brought relief and help. Miracle products that work alongside diagnoses – fantastic. Doctors including those at Harley Street have not been able to treat my eczema prone skin, however Dynasty has provided what comes close to being a cure for skin conditions.
S Osborne, London
19-06-2013, 14:31
These products were recommended for my pigmentation and acne scarring problems. I use them day and night, it only takes 5-10 minutes to apply. The products are easy to apply, smooth and I haven’t experienced any side effects. I have been using the products for 3 months and my skin has become progressively clearer, less oily and much more smooth.
Victoria C
17-02-2011, 09:36
I wish I could come and see Jenny more often – because the difference her treatments make to my skin is amazing! When I first found Jenny I was thrilled that my skin could improve so much just using topical treatments.
L Darwin, Northumberland
19-04-2009, 14:30
Just a note to congratulate your Company on a magnificent product – Pink Heaven. I’ve suffered with eczema all my life and I’m 64. I’ve tried every product available, suffered agonies every day all over my body. I read a tiny little article in a magazine some celebrity swore by it, so with great difficulty, I managed to purchase through the computer. Do you have any retail outlets, where I can buy it? Could I purchase by cheque as I’m not computer literate. I desperately need to purchase more. Please send instructions on how and where. It’s a godsend, a wonderful product, it should be on every shelf in every chemist.

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