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Julia W
04-05-2017, 12:13
As she was putting the final coat on my nails a lady called Pearl said "Go and see Jenny at Dynasty." That was 15 years ago. Today my skin is transformed from what was a mass of open pores as well as the tell-tale signs of long-distance commuting on top of a ridiculously long day. Before Jenny took me in hand I fell for the latest skin fixes on the beauty pages and paid dearly in more ways than one. Jenny's examination of skin is forensic and everything is bespoke. It really is all about you and you work together. I never miss an appointment and in the last 15 years I have only ever used Dynasty products on my skin - hence its transformation.
26-04-2017, 12:32
I have been using Jennys products for 6 years now and SWEAR they have taken years off my face !!
I can't recommend them ENOUGH.
21-04-2017, 11:22
Jenny takes such good care of my skin, after every facial I leave with my skin looking the best it can. It just glows and looks so healthy.

I have also recently developed eczema around my eyes and the ONLY thing that clears it is Jenny's eye cream. I buy it by the bucket load to take everywhere with me in case of a redness attack. I work in the beauty industry and I have tried many facialists but nobody beats Jenny & her handmade products are the best. xx
Maria Malone
11-04-2017, 11:51
I have sensitive, rosacea-prone skin and had tried everything over a period of years. Nothing worked. By the time Jenny was recommended to me my skin was awful. Jenny has absolutely transformed it - huge improvement after the very first treatment. She has knowledge, expertise, compassion, and her products are second to none. I call Pink Heaven 'magic cream.' Don't know where I'd be without Jenny and her healing hands. I recommend her to anyone who wants their skin to be the best it can be.
10-04-2017, 14:37
My skin has taken on a firmness and a glow since I started having Jenny's treatmemnts and using her products. Soft Rain cleanser and Pink Heaven moisturiser are my core essentials - absolutely brilliant.
The key to Jenny's success is dedication and passion for improving existing products or inventing a new magical cream or lotion.
Her facial treatments are special as Jenny understands how her own products are effective on different types of skin.
Everyone should know about Dynasty Clinic.
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