Skin Care and Semi-Permanent

Makeup Treatments in London

Skin Care and Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments in London

Dynasty Clinic in London provides semi-permanent makeup treatment for eyeliner, eyelashes, eyebrows and lips and offers a range of professional skin treatments to rejuvenate and repair your skin. Established for 20 years, the skin care clinic was founded by Jenny Harding who had a severe skin problem herself. Although Jenny had spent a lot of money seeing so called ‘top experts’, had found nothing that worked for her and was simply told to “learn to live with it!”

Ignoring that advice Jenny decided instead to learn everything she could about skin and its care and deal with the problem herself. Now there’s hardly a day goes by without somebody complimenting her on her skin.

Dynasty Clinic is a small, welcoming and very friendly skin care clinic specialising in treatments for Acne, Eczema, and anti-ageing. All in-clinic facial treatments are tailor made for each client, as no two skins are the same. We are specialists in black skin and white skin problems.

Over the years many celebrities have visited the clinic and our skin care treatments have featured in many magazine and newspaper articles.

Jenny’s mission is simple:

“I feel that every one should have a skin like porcelain and that is my mission. Remove and rebuild until you achieve a young flawless skin.
At Dynasty Clinic you can take advantage of a professional range of remedial skin care products specifically for skin problems and anti-ageing and receive the ‘Celebrity Beauty Secret’ of semi-permanent cosmetic makeup.”

Jenny Harding

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