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Before I came to the Dynasty Clinic I had tried numerous products to correct my uneven skin tone and uneven texture. As soon as I had my first consultation I felt positive that my skin would be improved. I was advised to use retinol plus, derma clear gel, and Kojic cream. The derma clear gel is lovely and light leaving my skin feeling super clean and not dried out. The retinol plus is amazing and the improvement in the texture and tone of my skin is amazing. The Kojic cream is the first lightening cream that I’ve used that isn’t harsh or drying, gently breaking down the dark parts on my face. I’ve also used the enzyme 3 which is one of my favourite products ever and makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of my skin. The products are worth every penny along with the treatments and you will truly see results. I am a very happy customer and always look forward to coming in, and am really thankful I’ve found something that has worked.
N Amoa, Walthamstow
I have spent 39 years and a considerable amount of money to find products to treat my skin condition. Dynasty’s products are the only products that have brought relief and help. Miracle products that work alongside diagnoses – fantastic. Doctors including those at Harley Street have not been able to treat my eczema prone skin, however Dynasty has provided what comes close to being a cure for skin conditions.
Donna T, Romford
These products were recommended for my pigmentation and acne scarring problems. I use them day and night, it only takes 5-10 minutes to apply. The products are easy to apply, smooth and I haven’t experienced any side effects. I have been using the products for 3 months and my skin has become progressively clearer, less oily and much more smooth.
S Osborne, London

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